6 ideas to start the cafe

Here are six possible business plans that may become a basis of your family business. These cafes are not targeted at a large number of visitors, that’s why they should be cozy and interesting. This is a perfect opportunity for the owners to show their creativity.


A whole family may be engaged in this business. Cafe is not as profitable as restaurants. It doesn’t require significant investment. You can receive a steady income at the expense of simple menu and cozy atmosphere.

Coffee shop

Nowadays, wherever you go, you can see lots of coffee kiosks. As a rule, small towns are more attractive to open coffee kiosks in terms of competition, but the customer flow may be substantially lower. Consider the option of opening a coffee shop in case you are short on money. If you want to learn the basics of the restaurant business, this option is exactly what you need.

Hookah café

If you are an expert in hookahs and can create all the conditions for a comfortable rest in a few hours, don’t hesitate and start your own undertaking. To be honest, hookah cafe is not the place the majority of people visits. Frequently, the number of customers is not enough to open a hookah cafe in a small town. Feel free to open a hookah cafe in big cities, the clients there are always enough.


If you are not an outstanding cook, try to open an anti-cafe. In such case, you should make a strong emphasis on entertaining your visitors. If you are an extravert individual and know how to bring people together, this business may be exactly what you are looking for. Fees to the famous people who entertain your visitors will account for the major part of your expenses. https://runumber.net/samples/anti-cafe-business-plan/

Tea café

Depending on the approach, tea cafe business can be relatively simple or complicated. If you plan to sell tea as an alternative to coffee, the whole approach is much alike that of coffee business. But if tea cafe is a place for tea ceremonies, it is a very difficult business. You should start it only if the right audience is available. Don’t think that all visitors of your cafe will become regular clients, in fact, a few of them will.  https://runumber.net/samples/tea-cafe-business-plan/

Cafe for children

Family cafes differ from the usual ones only by the available playground for children. Apparently, the target audience is parents and their children. Therefore, it is of primary importance to create a suitable menu and employ animators to entertain children. At the same time, the parents can have a snack, while their children have fun with the animators.  https://runumber.net/samples/child-friendly-cafe-business-plan/