A Take-Two Director Thinks Oculus Is Anti-Social

Strauss Zelnick, a director of Take-Two Interactive – a mother company of GTA developers, considers Oculus Rift to be an anti-social product that only hardcore gamers would be fond of.

In his interview to Bloomberg Strauss pointed out that a VR helmet can be excellent for those gamers who want to experience a total immersion. But many people who play games prefer to do it together with friends, so the technology wouldn’t be interesting for them. That’s why he considers Oculus Rift to be a niche technology, not a mass one.

Although Strauss claims the VR technology is anti-social, his company is ready to support it considering a market segment it will conquer and the degree to which it corresponds to company’s games. He admits Oculus device is wonderful and many people enjoyed the impressions.