Amazing Trick with Oculus Rift

Have you ever thought what would happen if people perceived a surrounding environment with a little delay, something like the one that occurs when the Internet connection can’t cope with many tasks? No? Well, a Swedish Internet provider seems to know the right answer.

Launching its marketing campaign the provider carried out «Living With Lag», an experiment aimed at showing the people’s behaviour in case of the delayed world perception. The experiment resulted in a curious video.

Oculus Rift virtual reality complex was specially configured to show the real-time events with a 2-3 seconds delay. A camera was fixed on the front of the helmet showing everything that happens around a man. In order to achieve a pure result, the surrounding sounds were delivered to the headphones with an equal delay so a man couldn’t act using any external noises.

Although the main goal was to demonstrate the advantages of a high-speed Internet but the experiment clearly shows the importance of a speed with which information comes to our brain and how heavily we depend on it. But as an old proverb runs, it’s better to see once than to hear twice.