ANTVR Announced Expansion Plans at TechCrunch Conference in Beijing

This week Beijing hosted TechCrunch Conference. CTO of ANTVR Jason Zhang revealed in behind-the-scenes talks that his company plans to launch its VR device on the American market already this autumn (in September). In the meantime, the precise date of launch of the product on the Chinese market is not yet determined.

ANTVR has its own page on Kickstarter and previously had already collected $260,000.

Attendees at the conference were presented with the opportunity to test the headset, although due to a very long queue there wasn’t much time for them to assess everything in a proper way. However, those who did manage to do it, later confessed that the experience was not truly immersive and the ergonomics of the headset were clearly designed for the Asian type of faces.

Undoubtedly, the biggest competitive advantage of ANTVR is that it supports literally every game console, while Oculus Rift requires games developed precisely for its platform.

The price for ANTVR headset is $300.

Earlier we have reported that Oculus VR had stopped deliveries of Development Kit 2 to China due to the active reselling of the product by profiteers.

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