Benefits of Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a revolutionary virtual reality headset. Hundreds of developers already support this device and millions of gamers are waiting for the release. But why is Oculus Rift so unique? Let’s find out.

Comparison of characteristics of leading virtual reality headsets
Characteristics Oculus Rift Sony HMZ-T1 Silico MicroDisplay ST1080
Resolution 1920×1080 1280×720 1920×1080
Connection DVI/HDMI HDMI 1.4 HDMI 1.4
A way of transmitting Separate for Frame Frame
3D sygnals each eye Packaging Packaging
Field of view 110 degrees 45 degrees 45 degrees
diagonally diagonally diagonally
Head movements tracking Yes No No

Now let’s see everything more specifically.

Immense field of view
Field of view is the most important characteristic for a virtual reality headset. The larger field of view, the more immersion in virtual reality can be achieved. If the scope is small, then you see the world as if “through binoculars”. You see 3D image, but immersion is absent. When the field of view is large, as in the Oculus Rift, you see everything very realistically, and the field of view is about the same as if you’re wearing a hat with earflaps or a hood (can not see the world at the edges only).

The field of view can be also compared with TV screen. Imagine that you are at a distance of 6 feet from the TV. For conventional VR glasses “screen size” is 2.5 meters tall, but for Oculus Rift it is as high as a three-storied house (8.5 meters).

Head movements tracking
This is one of the main features, in which Oculus Rift has no competitors. In present VR headsets you will need to press the button on the keyboard or mouse in order to take a look at the game. In Oculus Rift you just need to turn your head.

Oculus Rift is safe for eyes
Oddly enough, but the use of Oculus Rift does not cause eye fatigue. The fact is that in Oculus Rift headset your eyes are not focused at the same distance, but always look at different objects at different distances. That’s why the pupil is in a mode in which it is in real life. Therefore, the use of Oculus Rift is as safe for the eyes as a walk on the street.

Transfer of 3D via side-by-side
The 3D effect is transmitted to humans in the same way as the effect of stereo sound. For each eye a separate image is passed.

For each eye to see its picture, different technologies can be used. The most common one is Frame Packaging, which we all saw in cinemas. Mixed frames for both eyes are displayed on the screen and special glasses make each eye see only its own images. This is an inexpensive technology, but the 3D effect in it is not complete.

In Oculus Rift side-by-side technology is used: for each eye Oculus Rift has its own “small screen.” This technology is difficult to implement, but 3D effect in it is much more intense.