Bird Simulator for Oculus Rift Is Designed in Switzerland

The Institute of design research at the Graduate School of Arts in Zurich developed a bird simulator for Oculus Rift called Birdly.

The device itself is a platform on which you have to lie with your stomach. Afterwards, you putt your arms into the “wings”, wave them, like birds do, and manage your flight.

Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses reflects landscapes, and a ventilator, secured above your head, simulates air flow and odors.

The project is being done by Max Reiner, the teacher, his two mastership students and the Head of the laboratory in cooperation with the Swiss Association for Birds Protection, which commissioned the project for the annual exhibition. Rainer hopes that at the end of the summer of 2014 he will be able to present the installation in San Francisco and Vancouver. He also has intentions for further developments. One of his ideas is to use three-dimensional maps of cities.