Comparison of Oculus Rift and Sony HMZ T2 (T1)

These two devices are often compared, but actually Oculus Rift and Sony HMZ T2 are designed for completely different purposes.

Why was Sony HMZ T2 developed?

Sony HMZ T2 is a home cinema which is designed for watching movies. The idea is very interesting. Imagine that you are watching a film from a distance of 6 meters on the 3D screen with a 5 meters diagonal. It is like being in the cinema without going out of flat.

Why was Oculus Rift developed?
Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset. When you put it on, you find yourself in the virtual world. Oculus Rift is ideal for 3D games, as it provides a full immersion in the virtual world.

Unfortunately, watching a movie via Oculus Rift will be much worse than via Sony HMZ T2. The prolem is the field of view. With a screen resolution of 1920×1080 the picture will look as if you look at the 6-meter painting, made ​​of squares with sides of 1 centimeter. For gaming, the main thing is immersion in the virtual world, the player is constantly in motion and graphic quality plays a secondary role. But watching movies with grainy images is definitely unpleasant.

In general, Oculus Rift will need quite different techniques of filming. Cinema is a quite conservative thing, so until there are no “Oculus Rift Cinema”, there will be no films in this format.

Therefore, if you need a home 3D cinema, Sony HMZ T2 is what you need. If you want a full immersion into the world of virtual reality – your choice is Oculus Rift.