Could Oculus Rift See Through Objects?

Mini Z is X-Ray device, no bigger than a gun, which military use for seeing through different objects. Some people in the industry suggest that it can be built in Oculus Rift! Needless to say what a revolution it may cause in many areas.

For now, the device is used by military, securities, sometimes police, etc. Apparently, it is most useful when a need to quickly scan various objects arises. A great amount of time and effort is thus saved. Mini Z was developed by AS&E company. It took the company nearly seven years to make Mini Z a gun-sized device instead of a huge, awkward machine. This is what AS&E’s CEO, Chuck Dougherty, said:

“Leveraging the breakthrough capabilities of our Z Backscatter detection technology, the MINI Z system is AS&E’s initial offering of what will be a family of portable backscatter products. We have taken the technology behind the success of the ZBV(R) system and miniaturized it — making it more affordable and accessible to a broader range of customers. The MINI Z system is a game-changer for law enforcement and border security officials who are constantly challenged to quickly and accurately detect potential threats in hard-to-reach environments as they work to ensure the highest level of public safety.”

In order to process scanned images an ordinary PC with a Windows platform can be used. It enables to view the object from different angles from inside. In sense of energy consumption the device’s performance requires only 10 watts. However, AS&E also produces devices of a truck size, which consume 3,000 watts.

Recently AS&E’s Vice president, Joe Reiss, announced that Mini Z and Oculus Rift can be integrated in order to provide unimaginable until now vision. He said, “It’s one of the first things we thought of for this. There are a lot of complementary technologies.”

However, the device is expensive: the company is selling it for $50,000. It seems that in order for it to become available to broader community quite a long time must past.