E3 2014: The Assembly – The Game about the Dangers of Scientific Experiments for Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift

Studio nDreams, based in Farnborough, UK, is a leading developer for PlayStation Home platforms. Recently it announced about its support of the virtual reality technology. During E3 2014, which is now taking place in Los Angeles, it announced its new project, the game with serious moral overtones – The Assembly for PC (Oculus Rift) and PlayStation 4 (Project Morpheus).

The Assembly will tell us about a secret community of scientists, engineers and academics who organized an underground laboratory for prohibited experiments. Members of this group believe that the scientific progress is slowed down only by the ethical principles and that to make a real breakthrough they will have to break them. The script for the game was written by Tom Jubert, who has already gained a reputation for several games of Penumbra series, as well as for The Swapper and FTL. Judging by the first trailer, violent scenes are not scarce in this game.

Developers began experimenting with virtual reality devices in the middle of last year, and during that time have created several prototypes, based on unusual ideas. Visitors of E3 have an opportunity to try out an early demo, but it is not yet clear, how exactly the gameplay is organized. The creators have only noticed that users will manage two different characters, and thanks to Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus they will notice great differences in the characters’ voices and heights. Studio has launched its official website for The Assembly, but there is to be found only a short announcement and trailer there so far.

nDreams was founded in 2006 by creative director of Square Enix Europe and Eidos, Patrick O’Luanaigh, and it currently has 28 employees. Throughout its existence, it has produced 19 virtual spaces and 13 items for PlayStation Home. One of the first projects was the development Xi – the first ever console ARG, partly conducted in the virtual world, partly – in the real one. In 2008, the studio also released iStories, a program for PC, which allows you to create interactive stories and combine images, text and audio. Besides, nDreams was involved in developing PlayStation Event Spaces (virtual worlds that are becoming available in PlayStation Home at events) and social games for Facebook.