Final Burn on Its Way to Oculus Rift

Games developer, Ghost Machine, has recently released screenshots as well as a trailer of its Oculus Rift- supported flight combat Final Burn. They are available at the company’s web-site. Both Oculus VR and gamers are well aware of the fact that Oculus Rift, whatever advanced it is, lacks decent content. So, the news is really welcomed and long expected, now that the choice is increased.

Ghost Machine VR is the company which determined cooperation with Oculus VR as the main direction of its activity. It should be remembered, however, that the game itself is still in the process of development and is far from completion. On the other hand, video and screenshots demonstrated quite decent quality of the game.

This is what Neal Nellans, Ghost Machine’s CEO, said about the prospect of working with Oculus VR:
“We were very excited to give our first public demo of Final Burn and with the overwhelming response that we received I expect that both experienced VR gamers and gamers that are new to VR will enjoy the unique experience that we’ve created.”

The video below demonstrates how it all looks like:

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