Five Alternatives to Oculus Rift Virtual Reality

Apart from the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus of Sony, there are several other virtual reality headsets, which are worth taking into acoount in VR field. Let’s have a closer look at them.

One of such alternatives is Sulon Cortex. Sulon Technologies has an interesting look at the future of gaming. Instead of doing another device like Oculus Rift, the company made a Cortex. Sulon Cortex can convert any physical space in the holodeck, allowing users to play games and be fully immersed in the virtual world. Scanning of the space is possible thanks to the advanced scanner, Cortex.

If you have sufficient physical space in which to turn around, all you need is to put Cortex on, scan the environment, and enjoy a full immersion in augmented virtual reality. You can also roam around freely without fear of tripping over wires, as Cortex is a self-sufficient wireless headset. The device is priced at $499.

The next option is Avegant Glyph. Glyph uses virtual retina instead of conventional display. Using your eyeballs as the screen, the device combines optical components to project images directly onto the retina, providing extremely clear and sharp image.

Although this device is designed to work with virtual reality to a lesser degree, Glyph can provide you with the high-resolution images, which are difficult to find in traditional screens, and is intended primarily for media files review. The device can be combined with the HDMI-device and turned into a screen. The price of it is $499.

If the price of Oculus Rift maked you feel uncomfortable financially, you can make use of a virtual reality headset, printed on the 3D-printer. The device is called Altergaze. It is essentially a pair of glasses with which you can connect your smartphone. The headset is intended for the sole acquaintance of a viewer with the effect of virtual reality, providing a field of view of 110 degrees and head tracking feature for more in-depth experience. In short, Altergaze is 3D-printered virtual reality glasses with open source software, which, in principle, open up a new way to produce these headsets with one’s own hands. The price is $83.

Durovis Dive is similar to Altergaze in terms of converting smartphone into virtual reality glasses, but unlike Altergaze, you can not completely 3D-print it, because you need the lens and other parts of the OpenDive kit, to complete the device. The kit also has NativeSensot application, which allows you to track the movement of the head with minimum delay. Durovis Dive is a good starting kit for anyone who is looking for a virtual reality without spending much. The price for it is $77.

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