Five Coolest Oculus Quest Games

VR headset Oculus Go has become the most affordable and easy way to get acquainted with the virtual reality for thousands of people worldwide. It does not require to use a smartphone or PC: just put the device on your head and take the controller.

A user can opt between a thousand applications from the Gear VR library. Such wide choice creates a dilemma what to download. We’ve decided to facilitate the task and prepared a ranking of Oculus quest games that are worth playing.

1. Shironeko VR Project

It is a bright anime-style quest game in which you perform dangerous missions with a detachment of brave heroes. Exterminate various monsters and collect plenty of loot. After each mission, new warriors will join you making it possible to form squads for the next epic battle.

2. Hidden Fortune


Navigate through endless fantastic locations, collect various items and communicate with other characters. A couple of fascinating hours in virtual reality will pass very quickly.

3. Tomb Raider: Lara’s Escape

Try to escape from Trinity soldiers in the depths of an ancient tomb. Avoid traps, solve puzzles, beware of bats and ancient skeletons in this realistic and atmospheric game based on the famous franchise. Really, it’s very cool, but very short.

4. Conflict0: Shattered

This is a short but thrilling Oculus quest game in which the player has to control a giant robot. Infiltrate the military base and eliminate all enemies with a laser weapon. The trick of the game is that sometimes it’s necessary to act leaving the robot’s body. Cool graphics and sound effects guarantee a complete immersion.

5. Findinging VR

Playing this game, you have to find out what happened to the magic world. Explore dungeons, fight with skeletons, use a special magic glove and just enjoy the beauty of the surrounding fantasy world.

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Five Coolest Oculus Quest Games

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