General Electric Becomes Interested in Oculus Rift

Not only gamers but also large corporations all over the world are attracted by the new opportunities provided by virtual reality technologies, particularly by Oculus Rift. For instance, General Electric, a famous American conglomerate, is closely investigating the ways of applying Oculus Rift in its business processes. Linda Boff, GE’s global brand marketing director, shared some of her ideas in New York participating in Brooklyn Northside Festival. She is deeply convinced that Oculus has a great potential to offer promising opportunities for many brands.

Content marketing is a very important element in a general marketing concept of General Electric with a storytelling playing a key role. “Talk about great storytelling: you are literally in an experience that is captivating from a 360 degree point of view,” Linda Boff says.

The director also explained a reason why GE pays close attention to Oculus. The interest is growing due to the fact Oculus can do “extreme things in extreme places, from the floor of the ocean to the top of wind turbines, to provide immersive storytelling experiences.”

Linda Boff thinks the company has a chance to tell a perfect story using a headset. And she promises to talk about the subject in more detail as soon as the first results appear.

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