Goldblum and Partners: Legal Support for Companies

Goldblum and Partners is an award-winning Swiss law firm established in 2007. Headquartered in Zug and Zurich, the firm has also expanded its presence internationally over the past decade, with offices in Vienna, Brussels, Kyiv and Moscow opened in 2011. The strategic location of Goldblum and Partners benefits its clients greatly: Zug is a gateway to the Swiss tax haven, while Zurich is one of the major global financial centers.

Swiss shelf company
Swiss shelf company

Young by Swiss standards, the law firm has been growing by leaps and bounds since its launch in 2007. Its tech-savvy and dedicated team provides exceptional knowledge and insights into any aspect of setting up a Swiss shelf company, from legal support to IT and consulting – and all of this is done without the client having to visit directly.

Legal support for companies every step of the way

Goldblum and Partners specializes in delivering a full range of legal services which encompass all of their clients’ business needs:

● corporate/M&A – from business formation to escrow services;
● tax law – from tax ruling preparation to accounting services;
● intellectual property (IP) – from trademarks and patents to domain resolution;
● banking and finance – from licensing to contracts;
● compliance practices – from onboarding services to external compliance;
● dispute resolution – from DWI/DUI to felonies & misdemeanors.

Why Goldblum and Partners?

Goldblum and Partners enjoys a reputation of a knowledgeable and resourceful team of professionals that expertly cater to varying business needs.

Unmatched expertise

A decade-long experience has allowed Goldblum and Partners to acquire a wealth of expertise in international and Swiss law alike. Its team has a proven track record of expertly handling complex cases to the benefit of their clients.

Delivering professional support across industries

Goldblum and Partners delivers its expertise across multiple industries. The most notable examples include:

● IT, media and technology sector (startup launch, corporate relations, copyright, loan applications, etc.);
● finance and fintech (M&A, tax and regulatory compliance, restructuring, etc.);
● agriculture and foods (land acquisition, marketing and supply chain guidance, loan applications, patenting, etc.);
● industrial and manufacturing (safety and regulatory compliance, supply chain analysis, patenting, copyright, loan drafting, etc.);
● consumer goods (R&D, marketing and sales support, analysis of import/export mechanisms and quotas, etc.);
● transport and logistics (IT and workflow support, dispute resolution, drafting employment contracts, etc.).

Fixed charge

Although it is a common practice in Switzerland to bill hourly, Goldblum and Partners applies a result-oriented approach, which ultimately prioritizes the unique business needs of their clients. The team can also provide cost calculation upon request.

Complete non-disclosure

Confidentiality of Goldblum and Partners clients is fully protected by the laws of the Swiss Confederation.

Awards & Accolades

Goldblum and Partners enjoy a remarkable industry recognition which translates in a growing number of high-profile awards:

● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Business Restructuring Law Firm of the Year;
● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Gamechanger of the Year;
● M&A AWARDS 2017 – Best European Corporate Law Firm;
● CORPORATE INTL – GLOBAL AWARDS WINNER 2017 – Corporate Law Firm of the Year in Switzerland;
● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Capital Markets Law Firm of the Year;
● Global Law Experts Rating 2016 – WINNER.