Google Wants Its Own Oculus Rift

A patent application filed by Google in April 2014 looks like a virtual reality device. There are two screens for each eye, located directly in front of pupils. Screens are mounted in glasses. Let’s recall: sensational Google Glass has one display and it is located above the direct view, so it does not interfere while moving and walking. What we see in the application is designed more for virtual reality like Oculus Rift, than for augmented reality, like Google Glass.

Such a design is more convenient and easier than headset, but it is not clear how to deal with the peripheral vision, and with all the external factors that will necessarily obscure the user to dive into virtual reality with the help of easy glasses.

Some advantages of such a structure are still present. The saturation of images, the brightness and contrast is possible to set up, considering your own preferences and external factors.

Perhaps, the new device has no relation to virtual reality, or will combine both virtual and augmented reality, which could be a prototype of a new version of Google Glass. There may be a lot of versions, but apparently growing popularuty of VR and increased competition is forcing large companies to work harder, which is good for the development of technology.