Guillermo del Toro Expanded On His Favourite “Pacific Rim 2” Characters

As we have reported earlier “Pacific Rim Jaeger” is Oculus Rift-supported project which was successfully demonstrated at this year’s Comic Con. Surprisingly for many Guillermo del Toro announced that his most favourite character of the game is not Charlie Hunnam’s Raleigh.

“To me, my favorite character in many ways is Mako Mori in ‘Pacific Rim.’ I just love it. It’s an experience that you can’t get any other way,” del Toro told in one of his interviews.

He also added that this VR game feels like his own child to him. “I have not only tried it, but… I’m not only a club client, but I’m also the president. The two attractions were designed under my supervision. This is my baby more, but the Oculus was something that I saw from the design, the storyboarding, the sound design, the beta version all the way to what you see,” he said.

Del Toro also thinks that Oculus Rift gaming experience is “something that I would full and wholeheartedly support.”

It was announced that the second part, “Pacific Rim 2”, would be released in 2017. Since the creation of the first one took nearly nine months, del Toro expects approximately the same or longer time for his next development. “We start scouting for the movie in the summer next year, July, and then we start shooting in November,” del Toro said.

The developer also revealed that “Pacific Rim 2” will be “completely different journey this time.” Well, no doubt that fans are all looking forward to it.

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