How Many Fps Is Good for Oculus?

A great deal of console games nowadays operate with a screen refresh rate of 30 frames per second and it is considered to be a pretty good indicator. Although Lucky Palmer, a founder of Oculus VR, is not fascinated with this fact at all.

In his recent interview to LinusTechTips Palmer admitted that VR technology should be based on higher frame rates than those of ordinary monitors. He thinks that twice as much or precisely 60 fps is enough but hopes that this rate will grow up to 90 Hz or even 120 Hz soon after that.

Palmer also insists that 30fps is not good for consoles and traditional PC games likewise. He has even characterized the situation in the following words: “It’s not a good artistic decision, it’s a failure.”

Director Dana Jan joins Palmer’s critics and agrees that 60fps is really cool. Playing games with such high refresh rate can be of much pleasure though the aesthetics of the game in 60fps does change. In this case the game looks like “something on the Discovery Channel, like an HDTV kind of segment or a sci-fi original movie maybe. Which doesn’t quite have the kind of look and texture that we want from a movie.”

Palmer explains Oculus plans to develop a headset with a refresh rate somewhere between 90Hz and 120Hz and hopes to increase it in future.