How to Use Oculus Go Controller?

Oculus Go delivery set includes a motion controller. It is used to facilitate the interaction between a user and various applications and games designed for this VR headset.

The dimensions of the controller are 111 x 37 x 57 mm, the weight is only 65g. It is powered by an AA battery. You can fasten the device with a strap to prevent it from dropping accidentally.

Oculus Go controller is very easy to use

First and foremost, you need to download a special Oculus application and then connect your headset to Wi-Fi. Finally, make a pair between the controller and Oculus Go headset. Oculus app will provide you with all necessary onscreen instructions to perform the connection in a right way. During the connection process, you will have an opportunity to choose which hand to use: right or left. It’s possible to change hand using the settings in Oculus app menu.

You pair the Oculus Go controller only once. Afterwards, the controller connects automatically each time you turn your VR headset on.

It is equally easy to unpair the controller in case of necessity. Just make use of the Oculus application on your phone and choose the option Unpair Controller in the Settings menu.

You can find several control buttons on the device. The large rounded surface is sensory, which means it is sensitive to the pressing. Back and Home buttons are installed at the lower part of the surface. A trigger is provided for the index finger. It is most often used to select a certain function.

The Oculus Go controller is connected via Bluetooth

A gyroscope is installed inside, so the controller can transmit data to the Oculus Go during the rotation.

If you need to replace a battery, remove the controller’s cover first and then pull out the battery. After, insert another battery and fix the cover in the initial position.

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