How to Watch Movies on the Oculus Go Device?

All movies for the VR headset Oculus Go are recorded in 4K quality, 360-degree surround view and mostly in 3D mode. You can watch these videos either in virtual reality glasses for a PC or a phone or in a browser controlling the view with the mouse. But the best experience is to watch them in a VR headset at a maximum quality.

With the growing popularity of the VR industry, many studios began to produce entertaining content for the VR headsets. In general, it’s a positive trend, however, many low-quality and uninteresting movies appear on the market.

Oculus Video is a platform specially designed to gather all high-quality VR movies in one place. Such movies as Assassins Creed, X-Men Apocalypse and The Martian are available to buy or rent in 3D. At the same time, some movies can be purchased through Oculus Video but not in 3D mode. Avatar from James Cameron is one of them. The store supports such video formats as avi, 3g2, m4v, 3gp, mp4, mkv, wmv, webm.

In order to watch Oculus Go movies, there is no need to plug the device into your personal computer. Let’s review the ways you can get VR movies onto your headset.

The easiest way is to make use of a Browser application. Launch it from menu at the bottom. Some websites providing videos allow you to stream the content without the necessity to download it. Remember always about resolution: most websites have a low video resolution by default. But never miss the opportunity to change it manually and enjoy video in the highest possible quality.

Another, more troublesome way, is to download the movie to your computer first and then use the USB cable to copy it to your Oculus Go headset. It is also possible to stream the video from your computer using Skybox VR app.


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