Is Microsoft Losing to Oculus VR?

Recent rumours in the industry confirm the fact that Microsoft still cannot catch up with Oculus VR in terms of developing virtual reality headset. However, it tries hard to succeed. It became known that Microsoft intends to cooperate with FOVE, a Japanese company which is known for developing eye-tracking display. FOVE is already included into Microsoft Ventures London. This project is aimed at helping promising startups in succeeding, but originally it targeted on UK companies, with FOVE being the first Japanese company in the list.

Fove contributes greatly to gaming and can provide outstanding possibilities to gamers. It can pose a serious threat to Oculus in terms of excellence. Also, the company conducts research in the field of medicine, trying to find out whether it would be possible to use its device. Is this one of the projects FOVE is working with Microsoft on? Because many in the industry suggested that Microsoft is developing technology for blind people. Thus, what happens next is yet to be seen.

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