James Joice’s “Ulysses” Will Be Available in VR

“Ulysses”, which is considered to be among the most complicated novels ever, is likely to become a game for virtual reality devices.

The project is named In Ulysses: Proteus. It is supposed to be using Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, so that the viewer can turn into Stephen Dedalus, walking for a stroll across Dublin on June 6 1904. While having a walk through the Sandymount district, the gamers will listen to the book, as well as following Dedalus’s thoughts, which “will be visualized in real time with the help of texts, annotations and links.”

The project is aimed at creation of alternative ways of reading one of the most diffucult part of the novel, the third chapter “Proteus”, in which an extensive flow of consciousness often makes readers quit reading it.The author of the idea is an Irish producer Eoghan Kidney.

On FundIt, a crowdfanding resource, Kidney asked for €4000 and got them. In addition to the PC with Oculus Rift, Android, iOS and Mac platforms got on the list. Technological foundation of the project is Unreal Engine 3. Release of Leopold Bloom’s virtual world is scheduled for 2015. If successful, the same fate awaits the other chapters of the novel.

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