John Romero of idSoftware About Virtual Reality

John Romero is one of developers of Doom, a first-person shooter, designed by idSoftware. In one of his recent interviews he spoke about the chances of virtual reality technologies to succeed.

“[Virtual reality] is going away from the way games are being developed and pushed as they go back into multiplayer and social stuff. VR is kind of a step back, it’s a fad,” he said. “Maybe in the future there will be a better VR that gets you out of isolation mode.”

He also added that “Really the best optimal design for games is minimal input for maximum output,” he said. “That’s the way that games work best. When you watch people playing with a mouse and keyboard, you see them barely moving their fingers and hands, but on-screen you see crazy movement and all kinds of stuff. Everyone always goes for the path of least resistance, and that kind of input is it. Until it can fix the path of least resistance, I can’t see how VR is going to be something that’s popular.”

Such point of view is indeed quite confusing. Let’s recall that Romero’s former colleage, John Carmack, previously joined Oculus VR, making that one the first employee sensations around the company.

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