Kinect and Oculus Rift Take Users To the Virtual Office of the Future

We live in the 21th century and thus it is no longer necessary to attend offices. Sometimes, however, you need to attend the meeting personally. Anyway, this need can disappear quite soon: in order to see someone you will just need to get Oculus Rift headset and three Kinect sensors.

Thus, the virtual three-dimensional model of the room can contain a model of another man. Though, of course, given the characteristics of Kinect, it will not left aside strange visual distortions.

Basically, everything is simple: Kinect fixes three-dimensional models of interlocutors from all sides, while Oculus Rift allows diving into virtual reality. Developers say that, despite the image distortion, avatars received via Kinect, appear much more realistic than any of them modeled in 3D avatar.