Legend of Zelda in VR Headset

“This is a VR clone of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The gameplay and artwork are virtually identical to the original NES classic, however in this version you see the world through Link’s eyes, in all of it’s virtual 3D 8-bit glory. Explore the world, find weapons, kill enemies, collect items, discover secrets, buy upgrades, delve into dungeons, defeat bosses, restore the Triforce, and rescue Princess Zelda from the evil Ganon,” the web-page of the game reads.

This new version of Legend of Zelda was redeveloped and adjusted for virtual reality experience. Those, who have already tried it with their Oculus Rift VR headsets on, confirm that the gaming experience is truly unique and different. The game is now available in beta version, so it’s better to expect a few disturbances with images.

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