Manchester Central Library Demonstrates a Cutting-Edge Technology

Manchester Central Library was celebrating its 80th birthday on 17/07/2014. The event was marked by an unusual experiment: the developments of Oculus VR and Google Glass were used. It was the part of Get Digital Festival 2014.

The aim of such the event was to provide library’s visitors with an opportunity to get acquainted with the most advanced technologies, like virtual reality headsets, as well as organize a set of lectures and masterclasses about using such devices in start-ups.

Rosa Battle, Councillor and Executive Member for Culture and Leisure, commented on the issue: “Our aim was to broaden the appeal of the library and to reach out to include people who had never ventured through its doors before. With visitor and library member numbers rising, we can safely say that Central Library has re-established itself as one of the must-visit, key attractions in Manchester city centre. Through the wide range of activities happening in the library, we want to make sure that the library really does have something for everyone in city.”

All visitors could try the virtual reality headset on. 13-year-old Adam was one of the first to try it. He said: “It’s a bit weird. It doesn’t make you feel motion sick – but I have a strong stomach!”

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