Mark Zuckerberg Is Expecting Rapid Development of VR industry

In one of his recent interviews on Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR Mark Zuckerberg said, “We’ve mostly been a company that has played on top of the different mobile foundations other people have built.”

“One of the things I care really deeply about on a 10-year arc for the company is having a different relation to what the next set of computing platforms are. We can help define what the next generation of computing is going to be.”

“We’re really excited to welcome that team. They’re extremely talented and have pulled off something that people have been talking about for a really long time and now is possible thanks to the technology that team has developed,” Mark commented on Oculus VR.

“Expect us to continue investing heavily, and our costs will increase,” he also added. “There are huge opportunities to build the next generation of computing platforms.”

This confirms once again that virtual reality and similar technologies are confidently finding their way to the mainstream. Also, Zuckerberg confirmed that he intends to invest constatntly in the technology, even expecting is to pay off in “five or 10-year time frame” or “further out than that.”

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