Microsoft Is Going To Compete With Oculus

Microsoft is working on a virtual reality headset for the Xbox One game console. It is supposed that the device will compete with Oculus Rift.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s own sources, Microsoft is developing a new gadget that will step into a direct competition with Oculus Rift. With launch of Oculus Rift it became clear what future is awaiting gaming industry. And it is obvious that Microsoft could not ignore such a threat to its global power.

However, Sony is also joining the race of creating a virtual reality. It was reported that the developers have already gained access to a virtual reality helmet, Sony PS4. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how far Microsoft moved in this direction.

In the WSJ article there is an assumption that the new gadget is an updated version of what was discussed in Fortaleza patents, which Microsoft filed for registration last year. Documents describe augmented reality glasses that work in conjunction with Xbox One game console.

Even if Microsoft virtual reality helmet appears on the market, this company will need to offer developers much more, than was already proposed by Oculus Rift, which recently attracted a lot of attention. The advantage of Microsoft and Sony is that they have more funds than Oculus VR has. In turn, Oculus Rift project is already running and gaining strength.

It is expected that Microsoft presents its headset at computer video game industry exhibition, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), in June 2014.