Motion Controller for Oculus Rift

One of the elements of the hardware for Oculus Rift, upon which Oculus’ team is currently working, is motion controller. It’s immensely important for the virtual reality headset, providing greater immersion. Not only Oculus’ developers themselves, but also many other technicians have been thinking hard of how to adjust accessories.

There are rumours that Oculus VR has already used some of the money out of $2 billion, paid by Facebook, in order to create more headset’s prototypes. They aim at facililitating the process of search of the most suitable equipment. However, no information was released by Oculus itself, although other companies in the industry think it all obvious that motion controller is an essential part of any virtual reality device and it is definitely worth investing into it.

There are already several developments in this field, like Virtuix Omni treadmill and Razer Hydra controller. The projects are indeed very promising, providing big expectations for numerous virtual reality fans. If Oculus succeeds in creation of its own motion controller, such third-party developments are very likely to find its own customers, as more and more comoanies are becoming interested in virtual reality, with the prospect of making it the mainstream in the nearest future. For now, the pioneers are Oculus VR and Sony.

Previous videos, released by Oculus VR, have already shown how helpful motion controller can be. Take a look at this one, which demonstrates what experience Oculus Rift along with Hydra provides:

Motion controller helps solving another practical problem: with the VR headset on, you can’t see the keybord. Here, motion controller steps in, as only with its assistance this can be achieved.
It will be really amazing to find out what Oculus VR is going to develop. Since currently it is the most successful company in the field of VR, hundreds of eyes are directed at it with great expectations.

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