Mozilla Develops an Oculus Support for Its Firefox Browser

At last Mozilla managed to develop a support for Oculus VR hardware in the Firefox browser. Mozilla barely came up in time because the majority of the world’s famous software developers already promised their support to Oculus.

“The opportunity for VR on the Web is particularly exciting. The Web is a vibrant, connected universe where many different types of experiences can be created and shared. People can be productive, have fun and learn all from within their browser. It is, arguably, an early version of the Metaverse — the browser is the portal through which we access it,” explaines Vladimir Vukićević, Mozilla’s official, in his blog commenting the event.

‘It’s not perfect, though, and lacks many of the “virtual” and “immersive” aspects. Given that, could we not expand the Web to include the immersive elements of a fully three-dimensional virtual universe? Is it possible for the Web to evolve to become the Metaverse that Stephenson envisioned?’

Mozilla’s team is not going to end up with this achievement. On the contrary, there are experiments concerning the application of WebGL technology to transfer and output various 3D content to VR headset straightly from the browser. Vukićević says so far the developers concentrate exclusively on Oculus Rift since it is the most perfect and ready to use VR device. Although the strategic vision allows him to assume that as times goes by a lot of other VR devices will appear, so the group will definitely be involved in developing content for them too.

Vukićević is well aware that the things his team does now are only the first steps and many of them may be wrong. “The features proposed here are all subject to rapid change; they are not indicative of any standard, and may even change or break from release to release of any upcoming builds. This code is currently not in the main Firefox source tree, though that process has started. The goal of this release is to allow for some initial experimentation and feedback.”

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