Nexperiences’s Developments

As virtual reality confidently paves its way to the mainstream of modern technologies, companies feel more excited about the prospect of joining the industry. The company named Nexperience found its own way of doing this. It offers a set of virtual reality experiences using Oculus Rift. Among them there are walking through Providence, Waterfire and space as well as roller coaster at a price of only $7.

This is what the company itself is stating on its official page: “Nexperience is a new tech company that is launching out of Providence Rhode Island. We are creating experiences that nobody has ever seen before. We’re the first company of our kind in RI, and a pioneer in this emerging industry. As such, we can’t wait to explode and share Nexperience and our proprietary experiences with Rhode Island and indeed the world.

We have established a burgeoning open platform online community that allows Oculus Rift aficionados and fans of Virtual Reality to engage, collaborate, and share comments and experiences with fellow gamers, avid experience-seekers, and experts like Nexperience!”

Nexperience was founded by Kevin Murphy, Eric Hall and Aaron James at New England Institute of Technology (NETECH). It took them a month and the help of fifteen students who agreed to participate in research tests to create the required VR software which is now available in their trade booth.

Aaron James is telling about the students the company had employed: “We wanted entrepreneurial students. They have basically employed themselves. They took it upon themselves to test and showcase their hard work. We have really talented students in this state.” “We want to restore hope and faith in Rhode Island and its tech community.” He also added: “We all wanted to jump on the rising tide of virtual reality before it explodes.”

Currently Nexperience is cooperating with several partners, including NASA. As we have reported earlier, virtual reality can be used not only in the gaming, but also in the military, medicine, journalism, as well as space aerocraft and tourism (like being able to see the hotels or resorts before actually arriving there).

James feels a great perspective waiting for virtual reality, as it is currently starting to reach broader consumer markets as opposed to much narrower developers’ circle. He says “We wanted to get into this business before it explodes hitting the consumer market. We could be the leading programmers.”

Also, Nexperience searches for funding and with this purpose it established its page on Kickstarter.

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