Norwegian Military Forces Start Applying Virtual Reality Headset

When you are sitting inside the tank, it’s a little bit difficult to see what’s going on outside it.

But Norwegian military experts worked out a quite effective solution. They use Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses in order to see what is happening around the tank. With the camera built in the tank surface, they create a circular field of view equal to 360 degrees. Oculus Rift allows a tank driver to easily monitor what is taking place around the combat vehicle.

This system is currently at the prototype stage, but it already has a number of advantages over traditional systems. First, it is cheaper: demonstration sample costs about $2000. Traditional surveillance system for the tank can cost 50 times more expensive. In addition, this new application leaves room for development: glasses may be later replaced by a projection display.

Meanwhile, the experts suppose to customize this technology to the needs of combat. Despite the lack of resolution of Oculus Rift displays and the fact that the first models may cause dizziness, military expect promising development of the technology, since the Oculus VR company was bought by Facebook. It is highly likely that a further technical improvement of virtual reality helmet will go much faster. In addition, apart from displaying the surrounding reality on the device’s screen it can also display information on the machine’s current performance, ammunition, landscape, minefields, etc.