Oculus Continues Cooperation with Carbon Design

We have reported earlier that Oculus VR purchased Carbon Design Group. As a matter of fact, Carbon Design was already working with Oculus VR on certain hardware developments. The merger of the two companies was natural, as their cooperation became more technologically and financially connected. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe commented on this: “Internally we got to the point where we were making comments and sometimes jokes that Carbon should just be part of Oculus. Then we paused at one pint and said let’s see what they think.”

It’s obvious that such an acquisition can contribute greatly to Oculus’ success in developing its virtual reality headset. Currently, development kits are already delivered to the first clients. Peter Bristol, creative director at Carbon Design, said that he is “looking to grow our team within every discipline that we’ve got because the task is so big and the challenge is so big.” “It really is neat to prototype experiences that you’ve never experienced before, creating hardware that supports that stuff is really exciting for the team.”

Developers and gamers are expecting more details to be revealed on the Oculus Connect conference in September. So far, Oculus tries to strengthen its market position by acquiring perspective startups and hiring talented developers. “We’re always looking for unique opportunities where we can extend the platform or the team to make the whole thing more successful,” Iribe added.

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