Oculus’ New Employee

Oculus VR hired Adrian Wong, former Google engineer and one of the developers of Google Glass. Adrian worked for the company since 2010 and was a member of the so-called secret laboratory, Google X, where advanced, experimental and sometimes even bizarre developments were conducted. In Google Glass project Adrian was a senior hardware- engineer. Among other things, he was in charge for developing Explorer Edition prototypes, as well as for the design and architecture of the display subsystem.

He was announced to be an engineer at Oculus VR. Now, according to his page on LinkedIn, Mr. Wong is currently working on the development of Oculus Rift headset’s hardware.

Development of virtual reality is strongly gaining popularity. Recently some of the best minds in the gaming industry, such as John Carmack and Michael Abrash (who is in charge of research at Oculus VR), joined it. Also, another Valve programmer, Aaron Nicholls, is working for Oculus VR now.

Finally, recently the team of virtual reality helmet creators at Oculus VR announced in Twitter that they will soon have a new mate, Kenneth Scott, who was a former art director at Halo 4. All of these employees’ shifts suggest that Oculus’ plans for the development of virtual reality technology are very ambitious.