Oculus Provides a Platform for the Sale of Virtual Developments

From the first announcement about Oculus Rift a couple of years ago, there was much talk about the potential launch of a platform for the distribution of various developments in the field of virtual reality. Many believed that Steam could be the first step towards an independent platform – and it really came true – Valve started categorizing projects to support VR. Oculus VR developers themselves are not particularly keen to talk about their plans, but at E3 2014, the CEO of the company, Brendon Iribe, shared general plans.

According to Brendon, their new employee – Jason Holtman – will be fully engaged in the platform. “He will lead the overall strategy to establish a relationship with the ecosystem and developers together with Aaron and deal with the publishing with DeMartini.”

“So it’s all official. We create our own platform,” Iribe said in an interview to Venturebeat.

Given the fact that Holtmann worked for Valve, he definitely knows what to do. Which platform will Oculus choose and what features it will provide, is still unknown, but we hope to learn more soon. Since now Oculus VR had receives some funding from Facebook, it can afford working on various aspects related to VR.