Oculus Rift: A New Hope for Virtual Reality

Over many years a way of interaction of personal computers with the world of games has not changed much. Of course, software became faster. There are new types of devices appearing annually. Screens have become thinner and some even support stereoscopy. But regardless of the type of the game, you still have to sit in front of the monitor.

Those, who dream about games in virtual reality, probably will have to wait for quite a long time. Although there are a lot of really good games today, many gamers are still waiting for more exciting gameplay. More than 25 years have passed since the time when “Star Trek” presented holodeck, and the first part of “The Matrix” appeared 13 years ago. Everyone is pleased that 3D-displays become more affordable, but 3D is only one component of augmented reality out of many that can be used.

In order to create and implement virtual reality, the technology must convince one’s senses that they are part of the game. The field of view should change with the rotation of the head, for which an impeccable tracking facility is needed. The edges of the display should not distract attention and eliminate the sense of immersion. Equipment itself should not be too heavy and the gamer must not feel uncomfortable. And it has to work perfectly and smoothly. Otherwise the task of creating an ideal virtual reality is not performed and the customer is left disappointed.

But Oculus Rift technology is likely to change a lot of things, if not everything in the industry. The device was tested at CES 2013. Although it is currently in the process of further improvement, it functions very well, which initially was doubted by many. Until now, year after year, gamers have seen a step-by-step improvement of virtual reality technology. They faced high prices and weak gameplay and believed that noticeable products will not appear for another ten years. Oculus Rift gives a hope that the situation may change for gamers as soon as in two or three years, while the prices will remain realistic.

It seems that, since the emergence of 3D hardware, nothing more significant than this development appeared on the market. So, Oculus Rift technology may be a turning point in making virtual reality no longer a dream.