Oculus Rift Developers Responded To The Accusations Against John Carmack

A fortnight ago it was announced that ZeniMax is going to sue John Carmack for allegedly appropriating their software for Oculus Rift, on which he worked in idSoftware, and using it in his new job. The creators of virtual reality headset have not waited long and provided an official response to the claim.

Oculus VR management is insisting that all the accusations are false: none of their products have any code, that belong to ZeniMax, and Carmack is not arrogating someone else’s intellectual property. Besides, the nondisclosure agreement signed by the company’s founder, Palmer Luckey, was presented in a distorted form.

Oculus Rift developers also stated that ZeniMax had never raised claims against Oculus and did not supply it with any IP or technology, and only when the deal with Facebook was announced, it declared its claims. It is still unclear which code they consider to be “stolen”, since all Oculus SDK source codes are freely available.

In addition, the statement reads that the main reason for which Carmack left idSoftware was the refusal of ZeniMax to support virtual reality in Doom 3 BFG Edition and other projects after the company was refused to receive Oculus VR shares.