Oculus Rift Facilitates Studying of Medicine

Most people think of Oculus Rift as some complicated gaming stuff. However, it contributes more and more into several other areas, with medicine among them.

A special project of Paris’ Moveo Foundation had recently been implemented. Dr. Thomas Gregory and VR specialist Remi Rousseau were in charge of filming an entire surgery via Go Pro Dual Hero head-mounted camera. With Oculus Rift on students can watch every bit of it, with a 180 degree field of view.

This is what Eric Sali, surgeon-in-training, said: “When you’re attending a procedure as an assistant. .. it’s very hard to concentrate on the surgery itself, and it can be difficult to follow what’s going on exactly, because you don’t see what the surgeon sees.”

The company even plans to move as far as broadcasting surgeries live – in order for beginning doctors to watch them. For now, the video described above, is available on the company’s website free.

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