Oculus Rift Gives Wings

Incredible experiments with Oculus virtual reality continue. This time the developers introduced an interesting device that helps you turn into a bird. Yes, that’s not a mistake. Birdly, a newly created device, was recently represented at the Zurich University of the Arts. Considering the works of Leonardo da Vinci, the developers constructed a unique bench with two wing-like sleeves. A participant laying on it puts his arms on these sleeves and uses them as the prototypes of true wings of a bird. An Oculus headset connected to the device does all the rest. It simulates the sense of wind, different smells and sounds a bird experiences in a true flight. With your body on earth your soul soars high in a blue sky enjoying all the freedom of flight. All the participants agree the impressions are fantastic.

Well, what can we can say? The man’s ancient dream to fly finally became true. Though in another reality.