Oculus Rift in New Model of Parrot Drone

Popular drones manufacturer Parrot AR Drone company presented its new UAV, Bebop. This product is expected to provide a better experience of flying in the sky, thanks to an improved camera and connectivity to virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift.

Bebop is now equipped with a 14-megapixel camera with “fish eye” lens. This enables the device to fix video while flying, covering 180 degrees of space. In addition, special software protects it from shaking in case of windy weather.

New Parrot drone is controlled via smartphones and tablets with Wi-Fi connection. However, the Skycontoller can extend Bebop diapazone to two kilometers. An alternative way to manage Bebop is with Oculus Rift. Virtual reality glasses will not influence the drone’s speed, but will allow to tilt it.

A single disadvantage of the new drone, like that of the previous models, is a very short-term battery capacity, which is equal to only 12 minutes.

The price of Bebop is still unknown,but, possibly, it will fluctuate within $300-$400 range. The launch date is the fourth quarter of 2014.