Oculus Rift in Online Poker

Will the development of Oculus Rift and its new virtual reality change online poker?

Oculus VR is a fundamentally new concept in the area of video games. The project was recently purchased for $2 billion by Facebook. This acquisition was very upsetting for many gamers, because the technology was originally aimed specifically at video games. And who knows what further plans Facebook has.

The mass production of this device was especially passionately awaited by those gamers who are fond of all kinds of wander games, diving, roller coaster ride and cars. Now the other companies also became interested in technology. For example, SONY decided to apply these technologies in its PS4 headset.

How can Oculus contribute to online poker?
Online poker game is pretty static, so the application of Oculus Rift will be much easier here. But on the other hand, is there any need for such application at all?

In favor of this point of view the following can be stated:
– Most poker software is intentionally made simple (main goal is to win and not get distracted on design);
– If the graphics is on a new advanced level, it will overload computer and affect its performance, especially while simultaneously playing at multiple tables;
– Versions of poker games with 3D-avatars and web cameras did not gain popularity. It’s just not necessary.

How Oculus Rift can be used in online poker?
Very interesting option for Oculus technology could be its interaction with the Kinect – a device that helps to recognize a bluff out of micromovements of opponent’s face and body. So it would be interesting to watch the opponent literally from all sides. However, glasses are not transparent and completely block access to the upper part of the face.

Also, Oculus Rift makes it a very easy task for those who are used to playing in the multi-table mode. You can simultaneously watch 4 tables on the laptop screen and just imagine how much can be opened simultaneously with these glasses with dual display 1080p at 90 degrees. At the same time turning one’s head to the right allows seeing the tables, to the left – statistics.

Oculus Rift in poker already in 2014?
Everything can happen much faster than many think. There are rumors that Telltale Games is developing Poker Night 3 with Oculus Rift support. Online poker with this technology will make the game even closer to its real tournaments. Developers say that they do everything to ensure the price is available for users.