Oculus Rift Is Planned To Be Released in 2015

Oculus Rift is expected to appear on the stores’ shelves as soon as in 2015. This date was announced by Oculus VR spokesman at Facebook F8 developers’ conference. He also added that Oculus VR management will be quite disappointed if they fail to make Oculus Rift available for ordinary customers until 2016.

Today Oculus VR sells kits for developers. Making a reservation for a second version of such a kit is available for $350. These kits are scheduled to begin to be delivered in July 2014. Since there is not sufficient high quality content, it makes no sense to sell the final version. Oculus VR will have to wait until developers create this content, which can take months. Meanwhile nothing is known about the cost of the final product.

The company is in the process of creating a team that will be involved in marketing and brand development. Making games takes time, but those at Oculus VR believe that it is likely for enough content to appear by 2016.