Oculus Rift Opportunities You Never Suspected Of

A true virtual reality every day is getting a step closer. A growing success of Oculus Rift, a remarkable innovative product that is expected in a mass market in 2015, is a fine manifestation of unbelievable future changes. The whole story has started from an ambitious start-up and a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Now this is a great project with a multi-million budget experiencing a last stage of development and is on the verge of a powerful start.

Going through a difficult process of development the project has undergone many conceptual changes, finally transforming into a virtual reality helmet. By default the device is primarily designed to perform the entertaining function. Indeed, according to the latest official reports, Oculus Rift will be sold together with a new and much anticipated game EVE: Valkyrie, a space simulator.
But despite the announced main function, Oculus Rift is capable for more. Today a lot of interesting ideas were offered to use the headset, some of which are on a brink of madness. As it turns out the VR helmet can be applied in completely different areas, unrelated with each other.

We would like to tell you about some of them and the first one to start is


John Bruchoud, an architect and owner of Arch Virtual, specializes in architecture and interior design of residential and office space with their subsequent visualization using computer tools. Three-dimensional graphics editors are used to develop a majority of designs. Bruchoud is convinced that virtual reality is a real finding for architecture.

The benefits are obvious and convenience is undeniable. The helmet is very compact compared to other virtual reality systems and its abilities are quite impressive. Each architect will be able to”visit” personally a designed building or room long before the construction and make sure everything is OK and nothing has been missed. According to virtual reality technologies such as Oculus Rift are able to change the architecture once and for all.

While Mr. Bruchoud dreams about strolling in a virtual sky-skraper, every teacher can convince you VR technology is an indispensable tool in


Opportunities provided by Oculus Rift in learning anything are obvious and hardly disputable. Many leading professors are deeply convinced that virtual reality can raise educational technologies to previously unattainable levels and introduce incredible new opportunities.

A three-dimensional visualization will enable children learn many things that so far is possible to study only in theory. For example, it will become easier to study astronomy or physics in “practical” lessons within a virtual reality, since it’s impossible to visit CERN or near-Earth space every time. The same applies to hazardous chemical experiments. The use of Oculus Rift may provide acquiring certain skills and the health of students will not be threatened.

Australian scientists marked interesting and promising opportunities of Oculus Rift when dealing with children suffering from autism during their social adaptation process. They noted positive effects the involvement of children in the virtual game environment brings. Of course, all this was carried out as an experiment and after a full consent of the parents was received. So the method has proved its effectiveness unambiguously. For autists the technology helps to model certain social situations and also facilitates the perception of surrounding objects and interactions between them. If it is possible to approach an object from many sides VR systems can be definitely appreciated by specialists in a field of

Three-dimensional design

3D-printer is a relatively new invention, but recently it began to move rapidly from the category of something unattainable and the hell expensive into the category of a truly affordable thing for those who really need it. Their dimensions are becoming smaller and the prices are gradually reducing. Only one difficulty still remains.

You must have a three-dimensional model to print something on this device. Only specialists who can work with complex three-dimensional graphics systems can create it. In this case Oculus Rift can become an easy solution. Because having a real 3D model rather than its simulation on the screen it becomes a quite simple and funny matter to create three-dimensional projects.

Naturally, professionals in 3D graphics will also be satisfied. They will appreciate the significant reduction of working hours to carry out the same volume of work as before.

By the way, virtual reality is already used as a key tool in creating three-dimensional models. We mean MakeVR concept, a quite an interesting start-up with a huge potential. Its founders have high hopes on Oculus Rift.

It is reported that scientists have learned how to use 3D graphics and printers to “print” some organs of a human body. It’s only a matter of time for VR technologies to occupy strong positions in


This is an area where the virtual reality technologies can be of a great demand. For example, Oculus Rift can help treat people who have suffered severe stress during combat operations in “hot spots”. Everybody knows about the so-called “Afghanistan” or “Iraq” syndrome. Until now, most of the methods to struggle with this disorder appeared to be quite ineffective. It is virtual reality technology and Oculus Rift in particular that can radically change the situation.

With the aid of virtual reality soldiers having symptoms of such disorder can unobtrusively recall the events that led to psychical problems. It is also worth noting that the difficulties of treating this disorder are connected with the unwillingness or inability of the patient to recall traumatic events. Virtual reality may help remember things slowly and carefully so the patient’s brain will not be overloaded with information and unpleasant emotions will not prevent analysis.

Oculus Rift can also be widely used in behavioral therapy. Dr. Fernando Tarnogol, a known psychotherapist specialist at Psytech Technologies, is already working on creating an entire platform, based on the principles of virtual reality to treat a variety of phobias, including rare and very specific ones.

Except of phobias Tarnogol counts to stop anxiety and other similar disorders using the new platform. The first series of experiments in this field will be carried out with people experiencing fear of heights, spiders, closed or, on the contrary, open spaces.

According to Dr. Tarnogol, phobia is a real problem that affects many people. To a lot of them life seems unbearable. That is why therapy using virtual reality can be very effective because people will feel the full effect of presence, while recognizing they are not in danger.

These are just some examples of the doctor’s ideas, but in general he considers Oculus Rift as a device with a future that can radically change our lives.

As you can see, even a short analysis of the Oculus Rift potential quite convincingly shows that such technologies have a great future. Well, we hope to confirm these expectations in the nearest future. And till that time nothing else is left than to wait for an official commercial release of Oculus Rift in 2015.