Oculus Rift: Software

Oculus VR strategy counts on games developers that will directly support the device. But here a dilemma arises. Why would developers like spending time on Rift support when it isn’t on the market yet? For this reason, a lot of startups failed. However, the future of Oculus seems to be very optimistic, as developers have already become immensely interested in it.

The company receives funding through Kickstarter. Its initial purpose was to gather $250,000 and the first kit is priced at $275. Currently the project has raised about $2.5 million and is one of the most successful among all the projects on Kickstarter. John Carmack is a big fan of Oculus and actively promotes the development of SDK, and intends to release a supplement for Doom 3: BFG Edition with Oculus Rift support. Chris Roberts is clearly delighted with the Oculus Rift. He announced his support for the upcoming Star Citizen. Cliff Bleszinski from Epic Games promised that the company will equip Unreal Engine with Rift. Also, Hawken developers announced their official support, and even Gabe Newell from Valve has found a way to support Rift Kickstarter project.

The first kits for developers are supposed to be delivered already this year and the company expects to produce about 10 000 pieces until May. Of course, it is too early to say whether Oculus Rift can gain enough support and become mass popular, but the attention of prominent representatives of the gaming industry says a lot. They, like everyone else, want to dive deeper into the virtual world and to make it real, implement Oculus Rift in their games. As for Oculus VR itself, its representatives make it clear that their priority is to have reliable SDK and trustworthy developers.

What will the retail price be? Oculus plans to sell at a price of $300. However, initially it will cost about $1,000. To compare, current prices on professional VR -equipment are five-numbered (in U.S. dollars ). Even monitors with 3D support are more expensive than $300.

Thanks to Palmer Luckey, the inventor and founder of Oculus Rift, our dreams of a virtual reality are closer to fulfillment than ever before.

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