Oculus Rift Will Be Sold For Its Prime Cost

21-year-old founder of Oculus Rift shared not only the news during an interview with reporters, but also quite a few interesting moments. For example, he said that the consumer version of the headset will be much better than the second development kit, presented to the public eye earlier. Of course, the details are kept secret, so that they do not fall into the hands of competitors, like Sony and small companies like ANTVR; about their developments we have reported earlier.

“We plan to sell our headset for its prime cost. Aggregate cost of components and assembly – that’s the final price on our device. We can afford it because of our deal with Facebook. Now we have huge resources, and we can not worry about how to make profit at the expense of our customers”.

Apart from this welcomed announcement, Palmer Luckey also mentioned the fact that Oculus VR is spending large sums of money on discovery and support of multiple internal game studios that will develop software exclusively for virtual reality headset. For now there is information on the four studios that opened in U.S. in Dallas, Irvine, Seattle and Menlo Park. The company also cooperates with other companies and studios, which can develop their games for the Oculus Rift platform. Not so long ago, Alien Isolation horror, based on “Alien” movie, was presented in its version for a virtual reality headset and has already surprised many journalists, who tried it in action.

Palmer Luckey also spoke about the release date of consumer version of Oculus Rift: “Frankly, I am not very concerned about the fast release to the market. In this case it is better not to hurry and make a better and more attractive to the consumer headset, rather than rush it and release unfinished version. I understand that millions of gamers around the world are eagerly awaiting receipt of the headset on the market, but they have to understand that we have to do everything in a right way”.