Oculus VR and Samsung Are Working Together On New Development For Smartphones

Previously we had reported that Samsung was working on its own virtual reality headset prototype. However, some new and interesting details had been opened by Engadget recently. It turned out that these companies work on a single project, aimed at creating a new headset specifically for Samsung smartphones.

Such cooperation is supposed to be mutually beneficial – Oculus will provide Samsung with its SDK (software development kit) and Samsung provides Oculus with its OLED display, which have a higher than 1080p resolution. The last fact plays a crucial importance in creating truly realistic virtual reality.

Probably, the smartphone will be connected to the headset, without any built-in screens. Samsung is planning to become a leader in the virtual reality mass market, especially in the area of mass communications.

These two companies, each of them a leader in its industry, can establish a very promising beginning for making virtual reality available for many, not only to a few. However, with their followers’ expectations so high, it would very disappointing if they fail to deliver the necessary quality. So, for now everyone is awaiting what goes next. So do we, following all the latest news on the issue.