Oculus VR Purchased RakNet

Just like Facebook, Oculus VR is now trying to acquire all perspective assets in the field of virtual reality technology. We have already reported about its acquisition of Carbon Design Group, which was successfully working upon Xbox360 Controller. Now, another startup, RakNet, is on its way to join Oculus VR. However, the price of the deal is still unknown and, possibly, is kept secret at least for now.

RakNet is developing game-networking software. Its key feature and benefit is that it is open source. So, anyone can use it free. Oculus VR itself commented on the issue: “For those unfamiliar with RakNet, it is a comprehensive C++ game networking engine designed for ease of use and performance. The tech is tuned for cross-platform, high-performance applications that operate across a wide variety of network types. Key features include object replication, remote procedure calls, patching, secure connections, voice chat, and real-time SQL logging. The technology has been licensed by thousands of indie developers, as well as companies like Unity, Havok, Mojang, Maxis, and Sony Online Entertainment.”

Apparently, Oculus is trying hard to strengthen its market positions. Undoubtedly, it enjoys leading positions in the field of virtual reality. However, competitors, like Sony, are not wasting their time either. The latter is currently working upon its own virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus.

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