Oculus VR Stopped Its Deliveries to China Because of the Active Resale

Oculus VR decided to suspend the delivery of virtual reality headsets, Oculus Rift, to China due to the fact that the device is planned to be actively resold. Oculus recently announced the launch of the second version of the device (Development Kit 2) and its delivery all around the world, including China.

However, after Oculus became aware of the facts of active purchasing from China for the purposes of further resale at a higher price, the company decided to cut off supplies to the region. Oculus said that its goal now is to offer the headsets to developers, and resale of devices for profit creates a shortage of supply.

Representative of Oculus has already commented on the issue:

“Yes, it is a bummer that we’ve had to suspend sales in China due to extreme reseller purchases. We need to make sure that we are doing what we can to make sure that resellers that are looking to flip our product for a profit are not taking stock away from legitimate developer purchases globally. Our product, in its current form, is a developer kit, meant for developers that develop VR content.”

He also said:

“We are looking into alternative ways to make sure that our development kits are getting into legitimate developer hands in China.”

As we have reported earlier, Oculus started delivery already this month. The price for the headset is $350.

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