Official Sales of Oculus Rift Headset in Belarus Start This Autumn

The official sales of the Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet in Belarus are expected to start this autumn, Ivan Loy, a representative of the developer company, hopes.

The commercial version of the helmet is not completed yet. So far only prototypes of new product are specially released in a limited edition for developers. Nevertheless, an Oculus Rift is referred to as the device that will change the world. The gadget is designed not only for computer games, it opens incredible opportunities for innovative approaches in education, sports, professional development and many other areas.

Ivan Loy announced his company was ready to negotiating process and planned to become a distributor and official representative in Belarus, supporting not only sales, but also providing customers with full information how to connect, configure and use the gadget. Belarusian developers also pursue another goal. They want to revive an interest in cyber sport in Belarus.

Besides, the Belarusian company has its own software department, which can produce and adapt the helmet applications, primarily gaming ones.

It is yet unknown the exact data of the Oculus Rift final version release. The same can be said about its price. But Loy considers the final cost of the helmet to be about $500. The customers in Belorus will have to pay extra $200 to cover the expenses for delivery, customs clearance and trading margin.

It should be noted that the report on a creation of Oculus Rift prototype caused a major stir in the IT- industry. Recently Mark Zuckerberg, a Facebook owner, showed interest in the project and acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion on March 25.

Presently, about 100 computer 3D games are compatible with a virtual reality headset, including the popular Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts.