Panoramic FullHD Camera with Oculus Rift Support

Recently a project of a compact camera with a possibility of a 360-degree panoramic video and real-time Wi-Fi streaming appeared on Kickstarter. The gadget is equipped with three FullHD cameras, Fisheye optics and has a 185° viewing angle. All this results in an ultimate picture with an angle of 360° horizontally and 300° vertically. The final resolution is FullHD. It is also possible to take photos with 8 megapixels resolution.

Inside you can find a GPS module, a gyroscope for image stabilization, 3 microphones, 1,180 mAh battery, a socket for MicroSD memory card and universal mount. Naturally there is a built-in Wi-Fi module. A LED display and control buttons are available, although it’s more convenient to manage a device from a smartphone via Wi-Fi when the camera is fixed. Housing is waterproof and can withstand immersion up to 10 meters deep.

The camera supports Oculus Rift helmet and has all the appropriate software. Some accessories are available like lens linings for taking photos underwater, Ethernet adapter jack and adapter to fit the camera into a standard socket for light bulbs.

The project has already collected about $ 230,000 of the necessary $ 150,000 though there are 43 days till the end of the campaign. A gadget price starts from $250.