Project Morpheus Now Goes Along with Two New Games

Project Morpheus of Sony and Oculus Rift are currenty the most powerful players on the VR market. In one of his recent interviews Nate Mitchell, a Vice President of Product at Oculus VR, shared his opinions on the role of content which could be compatible with VR headsets. This is what he said:

“A big part of it is our hardware, a big part is our software, and a massive part of it is the content. The content needs to be carefully designed for VR to really create presence. It’s not something where it’s like, it has to be hyper realistic. It just has to be designed with all this stuff in mind.”

Apparently, Mitchell had meant the demo of Project Morpheus.

“But if the hardware [Project Morpheus] isn’t good enough, and it gives a bad experience and can’t deliver presence – and actually one of the limited factors for them may end up being the PS4, for example – that’s a major problem. That’s kinda beyond our control, and that’s really frustrating,” continued Nate.

What is more interesting is that two more games can now be experienced by gamers via Project Morpheus. The first one is “Q.U.B.E.2” which can also be played via PS3 and PS4. This development of Toxic Games is a sequel to its “Q.U.B.E.” which is now also being released for PS3 and PS4. Daniel Da Rocha, one of Toxic Games’ founders, commented on this: “We’ve already taken the hardware for a spin and it’s shaping up to be something fantastic so we can’t wait to get our hands (or gloves?) on a kit to begin developing for it!”

Another game now available with Project Morpheus is War Thunder. Gaijin Entertainment has specified this on its official page: “Project Morpheus will instantly transport War Thunder players on the PlayStation4 from their everyday gaming experience into a full blown World War II stereoscopic 3D battle complete with a 360 degree panoramic view of the battlefield. This ability is invaluable when leaping into a dogfight while sitting in the cockpit of one of the hundreds of historically accurate aircraft represented in War Thunder.”

Notably, Oculus VR is also interested in supporting War Thunder. However, it has to use alternative platforms, while Project Morpheus will support the game along with PS4.

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